Conversion of pick-up vehicles into N1G BE (Pick-up)(190€ tax)

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Reclassification according to §13FZV

Your re-coding for your pickup to save you the expensive car tax. After the change you only pay around 190€ in tax.

In the registration certificate, these vehicles are usually described as trucks or vehicle class N1, but if they are equipped with a double cab, they are taxed at the higher car tax rate based on the engine displacement.

If the vehicles have an open loading area *) that is spatially separated from the interior, they can be reclassified as vehicle type N1 BE or N1G BE (pick -up). According to the current state of tax legislation (which can change), these vehicles are then taxed like trucks according to their permissible total weight. This has no disadvantages for you other than the cheaper taxation.


  1. After successful payment via the online shop, we will contact you via email (please include this when ordering).
  2. We need a copy of your vehicle registration document (registration certificate part 1), the current mileage and a photo of the vehicle that is to be re-keyed.**
  3. After shipping, we will recode your pickup at our testing center and send you the completed documents. (Processing time approx. 2-3 working days)
  4. You must take these documents to the registration office and have the vehicle type changed.
  5. Done . You will receive new vehicle documents.


Unfortunately, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the SVA and/or the tax office will accept this change. If the change report is not accepted, you will of course receive your money back.

US/import vehicles are usually nationally approved and therefore cannot be reclassified. To clarify this beforehand, simply send us a copy of the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part 1) via email to

*) Removable hardtops, load compartment covers, temporarily mounted living cabins and other structures that can be removed without special tools do not prevent classification as a pick -up.

**) Your data will of course be treated under the strictest data protection regulations and will of course not be published or forwarded.

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