Workshop assembly

Did you know? We can modify your vehicle to your specifications! We would be happy to work with you to create a plan.

What does your vehicle need to be able to do? What should it have? How can this be achieved? We have many questions that we would be happy to answer for you.

No matter whether lifestyle truck, off-roader/overlander or work tool.

We have a whole range of different options that we can implement. Just talk to us or send us an email.

No matter whether it's the chassis, lighting, wheels, cable winch, snorkel, widening or roof rack systems. Hardtops or other systems are also possible.

We offer you a full service: assembly, acceptance, chassis measurements.
Simply bring it and pick it up ready to go. Then all you have to do is drive. We work with many partners to get your vehicle ready for its next use.
And our service continues:
Is your renovation taking longer? Do you need a hotel or a rental car? No problem. We'll be happy to take care of it.

We look forward to your project. Stay tuned!