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STEDI's brand new universal light bar holder proves that robust does not have to be unsightly. Our mounts are guaranteed to be non-slip and not cause fatigue, no matter the environment. Unlike other off-the-shelf clamps on the market, the aesthetic design of our light bar brackets facilitates a clean integrated installation of your light bar work lights.


These brackets only fit M6 and M8 bolts and are not compatible with the ST3303 Pro-Light Bar range.


- Molded from cast aluminum
- Includes stainless steel fasteners
- Compatible with most side mounted LED light strips
- Polyester UV-resistant powder-coated
- The 4 mm adjustment screw eliminates the possibility of slipping.
- Rubber inserts are also included

Available in the following sizes (please select)

35 - 40mm | 44.5 - 48mm | 49 - 51mm | 60 - 63.6mm | 75 - 77mm

If you do not have calipers, please measure the circumference (in mm) of your round rod and use the following formula: Diameter (mm) = Circumference (mm) divided by / 3.14 = (pipe diameter)

The price is for two brackets.

Vice pipe clamps ® Registered design number: 201811269

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