STEDI connector DT/DT-P 2 PIN (Male & Female)


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German connectors have a reputation as market leaders and are built with solid foundations. 100% waterproof and very reliable pin contacts. Thermoplastic plastic connectors eliminate heat at the resistance point of the connector.

The connector package includes:

Thermal plastic connector plug
Thermal plastic connection socket
Base mount
Wedge lock
2 x Solid Strip Crimping Pins
2 x Solid Strip Female Crimping Pins

We have two variants to choose from.

DT connector: The 2-pin DT version is the most common and is suitable for vehicle cables up to 4mm. We use this type of connector for our lights up to and including 200 W (15 A).

DTP Connector: The 2-pin DTP version is used for our lights with power over 200W and can handle 25A continuously within a housing and accept 6mm wire.

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