STEDI Plug & Play single high beam wiring harness for DT&DT-P connector connection


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The single plug & play wiring harness for easy installation of your headlights. The included H3 (HB3) and H4 adapters trigger your additional headlights via the high beam without you having to cut or solder cables. Simply unplug the HB3 or H4 plug (or one of our vehicle-specific STEDI adapters) from the back of your headlight bulb, plug in our adapter and you're done! The additional headlights are only triggered by the high beam, and the switch is only used for extra deactivation.

Our new V2.0 has built-in electronics that automatically detect whether your system is connected positive or negative and works immediately without any modification. Toyota's, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50 and many other popular 4x4s are notorious for being very difficult and expensive to wire the high beams, our quick fit wiring harness takes the guesswork out of it.

Includes everything you need to connect your auxiliary headlights:

ON/OFF switch, 60A relay, 30A fuse, ribbed cable protectors, heat shrunk relays.

Technical data:

Total of 4.8 meters of cabling (fully stretched)
2.4m wiring from relay to switch
2.0m wiring from the additional headlight plug to the relay
2.0m from high beam adapter to relay

Total cable length 6.4m
12vDC 30A rated fuse kit
12vDC 40A switching relay
Button ON/OFF switch
UV insulation
1 x DT connection for connecting 1x additional headlight

Please note: Most STEDI additional headlights already have this wiring harness included.

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