Profender - Gas Shocks Adjustable gas pressure shock absorbers

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Adjustable gas shocks are the latest development from Profender. Using a rotary knob at the bottom of the shock absorber, the damping force can be quickly adjusted from the outside to the respective vehicle weight or terrain.
The knob has 4 different positions, with the second level approximately corresponding to the damping force of the original damper. In the final stage, the chassis becomes significantly firmer, so that the weight of high payloads can be well compensated. Comfort level 1, on the other hand, ensures a slightly more pleasant driving experience and a more sensitive response.
Compared to your vehicle's original shock absorber, the adjustable gas shock is significantly larger and of higher quality. With a 40mm wide damping body and a 20mm thick piston rod, it is intended for the toughest use.

The front shock absorbers have a height-adjustable spring plate! By adding two aluminum spacer rings supplied, the vehicle can be raised up to 50mm using the original spring on the front axle. However, if longer lift springs are used, the spacer rings should not be used. The shock absorber is approx. 35mm longer than original. This means that there is still enough rebound travel even when the suspension is raised.

Particularly suitable for pickups, as the original shock absorbers are often far too hard when unloaded.

The price is for one set (left and right)

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