ProFender/Eibach Lift Kit +30mm Ford Ranger from 2012

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The Eibach / Profender lift kit for the Ford Ranger 2AB

Please choose your model. If you are not sure, check your vehicle registration as follows:

Model PX1&2: ETG no.: e11*2007/46*0154*..

Model PX3: ETG no.: e5*2007/46*0080*..

is the perfect choice to improve the Ranger's off-road skills! The additional height greatly improves the mudflat depth, slope and ramp angles. But it's not just the off-road capabilities that are greatly improved with this suspension kit. Despite the lift, the driving characteristics on the road are even optimized! This is possible by using the proven adjustable Profender gas pressure dampers! The gas pressure in the damper ensures a more sensitive response, with comfort level 1 greatly reducing the hopping of the unloaded pickup bed. Every pickup driver certainly appreciates this extra level of comfort! But the Profender shock absorbers also offer another advantage when carrying a heavy load or when towing a trailer. By adjusting the damping force, it is possible to compensate for the high payload, giving the Ranger stability in every situation! These properties give the chassis a clear advantage over conventional lift kits.

The whole thing comes with a TÜV certificate for easier registration.

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