OME BP-51 Performance suspension FORD RANGER (2012-2019 - PX1/PX2)


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OME BP51 performance suspension for the Ford Ranger

Technical information:

I. OME BP-51 shock absorber:

The BP-51 is a user-adjustable 4WD shock absorber with internal bypass that provides greater comfort and control both on and off-road.
All BP-51 shock absorbers are designed and manufactured in-house by ARB using state-of-the-art machining and hard anodizing equipment.

The body of a BP-51 shock absorber is machined from 6061 anodized aluminum, which dissipates heat more efficiently than steel or alloy steel and provides superior corrosion resistance.
Extensive bench, field and destructive testing was conducted throughout the development process to ensure reliability, durability and performance meet ARB's impeccable standards.

II. OME BP-51: Racing technology cleverly packaged for everyday 4WDs
Traditionally, the design of bypass dampers consists of a series of hoses that run outside the damper body to allow hydraulic fluid to bypass the internal piston.

This design has prevented bypass shock absorbers from being installed in everyday vehicles without the need for expensive modifications due to size limitations; especially with modern threaded independent wheel suspensions.

BP-51 uses a unique extruded alloy housing that replaces the tubes with passages within the shock body, allowing it to fit into tighter areas such as: B. can fit in a coil spring.

III. What is compression and rebound damping?
Damping refers to slowing the vibration of the shock absorber. This is controlled by a series of valves that slow the movement of hydraulic fluid through the piston. The valves control the movement of the pistons on both the compression and rebound strokes.

What effects do these settings have on a vehicle?
The compression valve setting affects how comfortable or firm the suspension is when the vehicle's suspension compresses. If the setting is too hard, the vehicle will feel every bump in the road as the damper tries to prevent the spring from deflecting freely. If the suspension is too soft, the ride will be more comfortable, but more body roll will be felt when cornering and the vehicle may dive when braking, resulting in less control. The suspension can also easily bottom out on the shock absorbers.

The rebound valve setting affects the speed at which the spring returns to ride height after compression. Higher rate springs are used to maintain the correct ride height when either accessories or larger constant loads are added to the vehicle. When these springs are compressed with greater load, the energy stored in the spring is also greater and requires additional damping control during rebound. Inadequate rebound control can cause the shock absorber to rebound, resulting in internal shock absorber damage, or cause the suspension to rebound numerous times after hitting an obstacle, resulting in reduced control of the vehicle.

Scope of delivery:

OME BP-51 Performance suspension for FORD RANGER year 2012-/2019 with lift approx. 40-50 mm
- Shock absorber front axle - With spring
- Shock absorber rear axle
- Rear axle springs
- Bushing kit for spring shackle leaf spring (greasable)
- U-bolt for leaf spring
- Spacer for cardan shaft intermediate bearing
- TÜV parts certificate
Please note:
Please make the appropriate selection as to whether your vehicle is equipped with an Ad-Blue tank or not!
This is not suitable for the 2019 model (2.0L BiTurbo). Please choose the other set if you own this model. If you are not sure, just write us a message!
Set up:

**The example images shown here may contain special accessories and/or vary from vehicle to vehicle.

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