Kut Snake fender flares Nissan Navara D23-Monster - 85 mm width - structured surface


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Designed for Double Cab, but can also fit Single and Extra Cab models & Renault Alaskan too!

Wheel arch extensions original from KUT-SNAKE Australia

- Robust and extremely flexible

- No need to paint

- UV-resistant (no fading, no brittleness)

- Stainless steel screw set included

- Includes rubber trim and sheet metal screws

- Covers approximately 95mm tires

ABS plastic injection molding. Black structured surface.

Note: Before ordering, please read the following information carefully: For installation it is necessary to drill holes on your car. Some flares need to be lightly trimmed and/or heated with a heat gun to get a perfect fit. If you are not sure this suits your skills or have doubts about your ability to carry out the work, we recommend that the flares are installed by a professional accessory installer. We are not liable for any errors or damage caused by you assembling this product. Installation time is approximately 4 hours for a beginner. At all times, the ambient temperature should be 20 degrees Celsius or greater when the flares are attached.n.

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