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KONI Heavy Track shock absorbers were developed specifically for 4WD vehicles and SUVs and tested under the most extreme conditions. No matter the situation: whether on the road or off-road, the Heavy Track dampers ensure perfect road holding, optimal traction and more driving fun.

Even when things get a little tougher off the road, the off-road dampers ensure high stability and more endurance for the driver and vehicle. But they also cut a fine figure in the urban jungle and on long asphalt roads.

Unpleasant rolling movements, which in SUVs are usually the result of a higher center of gravity, are reduced and the vehicle fundamentally has significantly improved road holding. With KONI Heavy Track, optimal damping and driving safety are guaranteed.

Driving safety and stability thanks to individual adjustability

KONI HEAVY TRACK ® shock absorbers are completely and, above all, easily adjustable. This means: Depending on the situation, the rebound force can be changed individually. The shock absorbers also have a large damping force reserve. Comfortable cushioning, grip and driving safety are guaranteed at all times.

High-strength material for even the heaviest demands

Heat-resistant seals and high-strength materials guarantee safety and a long service life of the product. The Heavy Track shock absorbers from the KONI Offroad range represent reliable equipment that brings the user safely and comfortably to their destination.

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