Profender - Smoothie 2.0 with adjustable reservoir

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Profender Smoothie 2.0 Shocks are the ultimate upgrade for your pickup! The highest manufacturing tolerances, a chrome-plated and polished piston rod, as well as the use of high-quality materials characterize this damper. The quality is at the level of Profender Race Shocks.
An external reservoir provides the necessary cooling in the harshest conditions. Due to the longer damping body, this shock absorber also offers significant advantages in terms of axle articulation.

Adjusting the compression level using a click knob is considered a world first in the shock absorber segment. Within seconds, the hardness of the damper can be adjusted to the respective terrain or load status using eight settings.

Furthermore, the basic setting of the pressure level on the reservoir valve can be changed by adjusting the nitrogen pressure (100 - 250 psi). However, the dampers come with a good basic nitrogen setting from the factory.
Profender Smoothie Shocks are fully reversible. Further fine-tuning of compression and rebound can also be done by changing the shimming.

Can be used for lifts up to 2"

The price is for one set (left and right)

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