Muli-Rack system (high, extra CAB) with 3x Rhino Rack HD cross members

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Muli-Rack system including 3 Rhino Rack Heavy Duty cross members in black.

Load capacity static (Muli Rack): 300Kg
Dynamic load capacity (Muli Rack): 100Kg

Set includes:
  • Muli-Rack System XtraCab "high" (adjustable in height)
  • 3 mounting kits for Rhino Rack HD cross members
  • 3 pcs black Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Crossbars (1375mm)

Pickups are more popular than ever and more and more customers want to drive their vehicle with the rear open, i.e. without a hardtop or cover. However, you still want space for accessories or roof tents. Although there are already similar products, especially in the USA, they are often not suitable for EU pickups.

The high "Muli-Rack" has an adjustment range of 375-580mm (in 30mm increments. This means that the Rhino Rack Heavy Duty crossbars can be mounted either lower, flush or slightly raised depending on the vehicle (depending on the ratio of the loading area to the top edge of the roof).
The kit includes struts made of round tubes. If you want to further individualize the “Muli-Rack”, you can use various side elements. Holders for canisters, shovels, hi-lifts, etc. can be attached to this.

  • Side panel front left & rear right -> HERE <-
  • Side panel rear left & front right -> HERE <-
  • Support plate front left & rear right -> HERE <-
  • Support plate rear left & front right -> HERE <-

The “Muli-Rack” is KTL and black powder-coated, as are the mounting kits. This offers the best possible protection against corrosion.

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