LongRanger Tank - replacement tank Toyota Hilux VIGO 05-15, TR63, 140L

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LongRanger tanks are easy to install and are designed for maximum ground clearance and uncompromising vehicle departure angles. Made from 2mm aluminized steel for strength and durability.
Ranger long fuel tanks are designed for trouble-free operation and include features such as full internal baffle and low-stress chassis mounts.

LongRanger tanks - definitely the safest way to increase the range of your vehicle.

Please note: Does not fit if the car has the original diff. locker on the rear axle!
Model Fitment: All 4WD models including TRD
Capacity: 104 liters
Installation position: Original, extends over the cardan shaft
Exhaust Modification: None
Installation time: 6 hours (approx.)
Shipping weight: 38 KG (approx.)
Shipping Dimensions: 1250mm x 680mm x 840mm (Approx.)
Other Modifications: Distance To Empty No longer works with larger tank.
Installation time for tank: approx. 8 hours

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