Fender flares 15 mm 4 pieces (made of black hard rubber)

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Fender flares 15 mm universal

Universal fender flares - 4 pieces - 15 millimeters wide - each 150 cm long
Universal fender flares especially suitable for modern vehicles that only have a very narrow fender rebate or a flanged fender edge (see drawing). It is attached to the outer edge of the fender using industrial adhesive strips. The sealing lip, which fits closely to the vehicle, ensures a clean seal and prevents dirt from penetrating.
  • The extensions are glued to or under the edge of the bodywork in the wheel arch or additionally screwed (depending on the size of the extension)
  • The fender flares cannot be painted
  • Inexpensive, flexible and therefore almost indestructible rubber extensions
  • Ideal for example when widening the track using spacers or wider tires and rims
Scope of delivery:
  • 4 pieces, each 150 cm long
  • 15 mm (the vehicle is widened by 15 mm per fender / 30 mm per axle)
  • TÜV Süd test report (TÜV-Süd, Westendstr. 199, 80686 Munich, test report 16-00074-CP-BWG-00)
TÜV registration:
  • You will receive a TÜV Süd test report from us with the delivery of the extensions. It is not necessary to enter the fender flares, this is also stated in the report, but we know from experience and from many customer messages that the law enforcement officers are happy to see such a TÜV confirmation again. Only then will there really be no trouble with the testing service and that's why we had a TÜV Süd report drawn up.
  • The ambient temperature and the temperature of the components or mounting surface must be a minimum of 20° Celsius during assembly and for at least 24 hours afterwards
  • The surfaces on the vehicle for assembly must be rust-free, smooth, thoroughly cleaned and free of grease
  • After removing the carrier film, the extension must be pressed against the surface for approx. 1 minute with high and even pressure
  • The ends of the fender flares can be adjusted to suit the vehicle's appearance using a sharp utility knife
  • We recommend that you leave the vehicle standing for at least 6 hours after assembly
  • The final strength of the adhesive joints is only achieved after 48 hours
  • please do not wash the vehicle for at least 48 hours
  • For some widths, some mounting situations, structured surfaces or if the assembly instructions cannot be adhered to, additional fastening with, for example, sheet metal screws or body adhesive is required

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