ARB TRED Pro recovery boards (2 pcs.) - Black/Black


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The new traction aids from ARB were designed entirely “Down-Under” and are only produced there.
The patented composite material of the basic construction ensures that the TRED-PRO “sand sheets” have the right mix of rigidity and adaptability. This enables the best possible propulsion while maintaining high resilience.
In order to ensure excellent traction even after frequent use, the "teeth" are made of a special material that protects them from wear.
Other useful features include the integrated shovel, the profile that holds on to a wide variety of surfaces, the ergonomic handles and the flat design.

  • 2-component material mix
  • Patented 2-layer nylon design
  • Fiberglass reinforced traction teeth
  • CAD optimized arrangement of the teeth

Technical data:

  • Color: black board/black teeth
  • Dimensions (1 board): 1160 x 330 x 65 mm
  • Stacked height (1 pair): 85 mm
  • Weight (1 pair) approx.: 8 kg

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